The Rise of the Machines

We have started a Mizzou Server Hackerspace at the Digital Media Zone that I manage, with a blog to match.

Mizzou Server Hackerspace

Old-timey machine shop from

The age of the machines has come, and we as mere humans want to understand our overlords better. This week, in celebration of the World Wide Web’s 25th anniversary, we have inaugurated an informal weekly get-together at University of Missouri Columbia Digital Media Zone around the topic of the machines that make the Web work: servers.

This blog (and possibly others) will serve as the log of our adventures into all things server-related. Our weekly meetings, Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm in the Digital Media Zone in Townsend Hall, are going to be short hackathons on the following topics:

  • Making our own servers (with Raspberry Pi, Android, Intel Galileo and such)
  • Working with our own Apache server space (free unlimited space if you join the club, which is also free)
  • Using JS server-side (Node.js)
  • MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, MongoDB, CouchDB, PouchDB, LocalStorage syncing with a RESTful API
  • PHP
  • What makes blogs work on the…

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