Making Pi

Mizzou Server Hackerspace

Photo from Wikimedia by cowjuice, Raspberry Pi: inedible, but oh so sweet

These last two sessions (with a Spring Break in the middle), our group has looked at setting up a Raspberry Pi as a server and we are still working on connection issues with Cloud9 IDE.

For the Raspberry Pi server, we had a fun string of events. First, we had to find power for the thing (no power cord). We used the mini USB port onboard and connected that to a powered USB port on a computer. Problem solved. After connecting an ethernet wire, a Mac mouse/keyboard combo, and an HDMI cord, we realized that no monitors or Macs in the area had HDMI input. What a crock! After scrounging around in the office for a usable monitor, and even trying an old Panasonic tv (the room looked like a Texas Instruments developer’s lab from the 80s before we were done), we finally found…

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