Depiction & Reflection

Are reflections depictive? Does my reflection in the mirror depict me? At first blush I would say no, reflections do not depict. The mirror reflection of Bob Wadholm is not a depiction of Bob Wadholm. However, if this is true, it seems that all photography is likewise not depictive, because photography collects the light, and then using mediating technologies allows new light to display a reflected image of a sort back to the perceiver. But I refuse to believe that the photograph in my wallet is not a picture, so something must be wrong with this assessment. Does a depiction require a capture of that light for storage and later display: and is this why I feel that the mirror does not depict me, but that photographs do? But I may set up a web cam to record my face and display it back to me in real-time, functioning as a mirror. And if I do not record this video, is it depictive (i.e., does a video reflection of me depict me)?


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