IST and Me

What is IST? What does it have to do with me or you or businesses or education or the world?

I’ve created a YouTube video explaining just this (

This video took me quite a long time to make (not that it is much to look at though). I think YouTube is a great place to expand horizons. Learning and teaching can be made more effective (and perhaps more efficient) by using low fidelity creative video, especially learner-created video (for this video, I was the learner, and I created it for a foundations class I was in).

Why is low fidelity so effective? Wouldn’t it make sense to give people only high quality media? Wouldn’t you think that is what they want to see? Sure. At the movie theater. And on TV. But many people in America and around the world find interest in low fidelity experiential video as well. And perhaps the low fidelity nature of the beast makes it so attractive. Anyone can do it. All you need is a little creativity and some time. It is more “realistic” than scripted video. I think this is what made Cloverfield such a great movie. People tend to be absorbed by things they identify strongly with. And people tend to identify strongly with reality. Who knew?


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