Videos on Web 2.0

I was doing a search the other day on YouTube for Web 2.0 and found some great videos. I may present one or two of them to the class later in the semester, but here they are:

This first one is a great introduction to what Web 2.0 is, what it does, and what it means for us. I love how most of the narration basically occurs completely visually within Web 2.0 applications.

This second video is basically a Web 2.0 music video about Web 2.0 applications. Very funny and opens one’s eyes to the companies around the Web that are calling themselves (or being called by others) Web 2.0. The poor production quality of this one is great because it embodies Web 2.0: User content that sometimes sucks in production quality but that also sometimes is very interesting, humorous, and informative.

This third video also embodies the concept of Web 2.0 and shows one of its forebears: personal radio broadcasts. Very funny and short.

This fourth and final video is hilarious. It is full of irony, rediculous dry humor, and is in short a raucous romp through the world of Web 2.0 corporate structure and ideology. It is a tongue-in-cheek presentation Stephen Colbert style on how to start up your own Web 2.0 company. I will warn the viewer in advance that there is language and crude humor in the video.


2 thoughts on “Videos on Web 2.0

  1. Your poste clips sound very nice.
    I tried to open them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.
    I don’t know the problems are with accessibility feature, I mean I can’t use my screen reader to read. Then I tried to view the source and found the embedded code and then I cut the direct URL hoping to open into the different windows.

    It was unsuccessful, it’s coded as the flash, again, perhaps inaccessible feature.
    I wonder, firefox can’t display video whereas IE7 could. (O, another hypothesis is the browser compatibility because I still use IE6)

    Knowing that service providers like Youtube or Delicious tries to develop their applications easier for users. They should, however, consider more about these accessibility issues!
    All I’ve said is not a complaint or anything, but just want to point other problems out from very direct experience with web 2.0 in learning!

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